Data Analytics

Is putting together reports taking up too much of your time? Use FacilityBot to eliminate manual reporting tasks

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Easily configure and share reports

Too much of a Facilities Managers time is spent downloading and collating data, formatting it into a report and then sending it to management. With FacilityBot's data analytics feature, you can easily configure tables, charts and dashboards as required by management. Management can view the report at any time simply using web link.
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Make better data-driven decisions

As long as data is captured in FacilityBot, including request, response time, asset, building user feedback and expenditures data, it can be presented in a way to best help building owners make decisions. Too often, due to inefficient data collation and analytics processes, building owners have to rely on anecdotal evidence for decision-making. FacilityBot makes data collation and analytics a breeze !

The data analytics integration is available FREE with any subscription plan (for a limited time).

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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