Industrial Buildings

Equipment uptime is crucial in manufacturing plants and industrial building. FacilityBot can help.

Digitize Preventive Maintenance Checklists

Schedule preventive maintenance is critical in minimizing equipment downtime. Easily digitize your preventive maintenance checklists with FacilityBot and easily they are all satisfactorily completed.

Handle Any Type of Fault Report or Service Requests

Each manufacturing or industrial facility has its own unique fault report and service request types. We understand this. This is why we built FacilityBot to be highly configurable with an in-built form builder to cater to manufacturing or industrial facilities of any type.

Easy Integration to Sensors

Advanced manufacturing or industrial buildings may deploy sensors to automatically detect faults. FacilityBot is integration-friendly and acts as a workflow backbone to aggregate alerts from numerous equipment and multiple sensor types, so you don't have to monitor multiple systems simultaneously.

Audit Trails To Maintain Workplace Safety Standards

FacilityBot supports best-in-class workforce safety procedures by capturing detailed documentation of hazard identification, fault rectification and preventive maintenance work, including capturing photo evidence of completion and workflow histories.

Find out how FacilityBot can help you manage your industrial building

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