Automate your procurement process, enhance transparency and gather data

Easily invite vendors to quote

Easily set up new Request for Quotes (RFQs), select vendors and FacilityBot will handle the rest ! Emails will be sent to selected vendors to invite them to quote and you can see the quotes arrive as they are submitted through FacilityBot.

Transparency and confidentiality

Transparency in procurement is important to all Facilities Management operations. FacilityBot's procurement feature is designed to act as a Single Source of Truth for procurement activities, while also taking into consideration the need for Confidentiality in the procurement process.
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Use FacilityBot's vendor list or add your own

FacilityBot maintains vendor lists in targeted countries to save you the hassle of finding suitable vendors. Of course, we allow you to add your preferred vendors to the list too.

Gather and correlate rich data

FacilityBot's procurement feature adds to the rich array of features already available, and allows greater correlation of data across various Facilities Management activities.

The Procurement feature is available in every plan

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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