Preventive Maintenance

Do away with paper checklists! Use FacilityBot as your Preventive Maintenance software to digitize all Preventive Maintenance schedules and tasks.

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Easily create custom maintenance checklists

FacilityBot has an in-built form-builder which allows you to build your custom checklists and schedule them to recur as needed. On the scheduled date, the checklist will appear in a "To-Do" list for the appropriate technician to view and complete.
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Complete checklists on mobile devices

Technicians can easily complete checklists using their web browsers, mobile tablets, or using the Facilitybot Mobile App. FacilityBot's cloud-based solution allows coordination of work by multiple parties on the move. Technicians can also attach photos and videos to the checklists as evidence of the checks.
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Sign off on checklists digitally

No more submission of paper checklists to be endorsed by supervisors ! With FacilityBot, managers and supervisors can also sign-off on preventive maintenance checklists digitally. All data is kept for audit purposes. Multiple levels of sign-off is also supported.
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Plan Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Enhance preventive maintenance planning using our calendar view. Upcoming scheduled maintenance activities can be sent to relevant parties to plan necessary equipment downtime and other logistics.

Unlimited Preventive Maintenance checklists can be created in every plan

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