Maintaining the highest service standards levels just got easier with FacilityBot

Automate Workflows and Track Response Times

Guests demand the highest service standards, including ensuring that all amenities are in good working condition. FacilityBot eliminates workflow inefficiencies through auto assignment, mobile-first communications and real-time central tracking of requests status.

Easily View Photo Evidence Of Task Completion

All requests are ticketed. Fault related photos and completion photos can be easily uploaded and viewed to ensure tasks are satisfactorily completed

Digitize Preventive Maintenance And Track Completion

All scheduled maintenance activities can be digitized and tracked centrally by management. Photos can be uploaded as evidence of completion. Ensuring every room is well maintained is now much easier.

Aggregate and Analyze Data Across Multiple Locations

FacilityBot supports hotels chains with multiple locations. Ensure data from all locations are of the same format and easily compare data across location. FacilityBot has a powerful data analytics integration that allows data from multiple locations to be aggregated and reports and dashboards to be easily configured.

Find out how FacilityBot can help you manage your hotels and delight your guests

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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