Each fault report or service request may entail new expenditures. FacilityBot's expenditure feature will help you handle that.

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Create Expenditure Requests

We understand that additional expenditures may be required for certain fault rectification or service request fulfillment. With FacilityBot, facilities managements can easily create new expenditure requests, attach supporting quotes and set Cost Centres
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Request Approval for Expenditures

FacilityBot allows expenditures requests can be sent for approval. Emails will automatically be sent to specified approvers who can approve expenditures with a click of a button in their email. The expenditure request and approval history is captured to facilitate audit compliance
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Track Overall Expenditures

To help keep expenditures within control, we offer quick views of overall facilities management expenditures and also budget setting and alerts if expenditures exveed pre-set thresholds
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Expenditure Statistics

FacilityBot displays expenditure statistics broken down in useful ways such including location tags, request types and cost centres. Easily manage your facility management related expenditures using FacilityBot

Unlimited Expenditure Requests and Approvals can be created in every plan

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