Facility and Room Booking

Use FacilityBot as your room booking system. Allow building occupants to easily book rooms or common facilities through their preferred messaging app.

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Easily set up meeting rooms, conference rooms, or other common facilities

Easily create rooms or common facilities of any type in the FacilityBot web portal, including setting availability periods and images of the room or facility.
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Multiple ways for users to book

Users can book using the channel that they are most familiar with, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace or a web browser. Simplify the process and reduce the friction for your users by doing away with app downloads and logins.
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Works for item lending too

Since rooms / facilities are defined broadly as anything that can be booked, this feature works well for item or equipment loan also. For example, cars and computers can be defined as "facilities" and booked in the same way as rooms, tennis courts or barbecue pits can be booked.
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View real-time availability

Users will immediately see the availability of the room or facility that they wish to book when they choose their desired date. Room managers can also view bookings and availabilities in real-time.

Unlimited Facility and Room Booking is available with Professional and Plus plans

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