FacilityBot is a hassle free residential estate management system for all estate types

Delight Residents with an All-in-One System

Savvy residents demand an all-in-one and easy to use system for estate management. FacilityBot is designed to meet these standards with numerous features including fault reporting, custom service requests, facilities booking and visitor management. All delivered through residents' preferred messaging channel.

Manage All Estate Requests and Close The Loop With Residents

Ensure all fault reports are ticketing and properly dealt with. Automatically update requestors when tickets are updated. Enhance communication with residents using FacilityBot's broadcast and survey features. Allow the chatbot to respond to FAQs automatically.

Digitize Preventive Maintenance and Track Completion

Preventive maintenance activities can be easily digitized and their completion tracked. Ensure all checklists are digitally stored for easy retrieval and audit.

Enhance Procurement Transparency

FacilityBot's procurement feature allows all authorized parties to view procurement processes, including sending requests for quotations to vendors and quotations submitted by vendors. Procurement activities therefore become transparent and easily audited.

Find out how FacilityBot can help you manage your residential estate

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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