Facility management is more than just fault response. Engage building users using surveys.

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Easily create custom surveys

Easily configure new surveys using our in-built form builder. Whether to decide on upcoming facility enhancements, or to determine current satisfaction, surveys are a great tool to engage your building users.
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Broadcast the survey

FacilityBot allows the easy broadcast of the surveys through the same channel in which the user first communicated with FacilityBot. Enhance survey response rates in the most natural and user friendly way. FacilityBot also allows survey broadcast to selected sub-segment by creating "campaigns".
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Results are automatically collated

Once survey respondents fill up the form, the data will be automatically collated and presented in both tabular and graphical form on the FacilityBot web portal.
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Supports multiple surveys

Run multiple surveys at different times, or even concurrently. These are all possible using the FacilityBot survey feature.

Unlimited Surveys can be created in every plan

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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