Fault Reporting

Make fault reporting as easy as humanly possible for fault reporters, technicians and managers.

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Use familiar channels

Fault reporters use whatever channel is most convenient for them. Rather than compelling fault reporters to download new apps or use a selected channel, FacilityBot supports many channels to make things as easy as possible for fault reporters.
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Technicians go mobile

Fault responders such as technicians use the FacilityBot mobile app to communicate directly with fault reporters, update fault statuses, upload photos and videos and scan QR codes. No more filing paper reports or signing off on completion forms. FacilityBot makes things as simple as possible for all parties !
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Automated workflows

FacilityBot can assign faults to the party responsible for rectification based on fault types chosen by the Fault Reporter. For example, cleaning faults are automatically assigned to cleaners. Assigned parties can communicate directly with the fault reporter, update statuses and upload photos and videos. Dispense with manual co-ordination today !
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Automated Priority Tagging

FacilityBot uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically tag high priority incidents such as those involve personnel injury. For high priority faults, time is of essence. To reduce the time wasted for manual intervention, FacilityBot can automatically tag such incidents and alert the appropriate party to the incident.

Unlimited Fault Reporting is included in every plan

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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