Visitor Management

FacilityBot can act as your cloud-based Visitor Management software. Our Visitor Management feature allows hosts to easily invite guests through their preferred messaging channel.

Hosts Easily Invite Guests

Hosts use their preferred messaging channels to enter their guest information. An official email invite will be sent to their guest with a Visit ID. Guests show their official email invite to evidence that they are authorised to enter the building.

Configurable Guest Information Form

Configure the information that hosts need to include to invite their guest. All necessary visitor registration information can be captured beforehand. Visitor records are also stored.

Configurable Email Message

Configure the email that will be sent to guests to invite them to your building. Easily add a google map, additional instructions that you would like to provide to your guests before arrival or even a QR code that guests can scan to facilitate self-entry into the building.

Reduce Front-End Reception Work. Enhance Security and Visitor Experience

With the official email invite, all relevant guest information captured before the visit and even self-entry, reception work is greatly reduced. At the same time, since all visitors can evidence their invite using the official email invite, security is also enhanced.

FacilityBot's Visitor Management solution is available with Professional and Plus plans

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