Statistics, Audit Trails and KPIs

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Record response and rectification times

FacilityBot will automatically capture the response and rectification times of all fault reports and requests. This allows easy management tracking of the status of all fault reports and how quickly they were attended to. After all, what gets measured gets done.
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View histories of all request tickets

FacilityBot captures who did what, when. This information becomes very useful to analyse any reasons for delay in particular request tickets. FacilityBot can also show chat information between fault reporters and technicians, providing further colour to the fault rectification history.
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Measure against KPI thresholds

FacilityBot allows the creation of KPI thresholds for each type of fault and each level of priority. Having set these KPI thresholds, FacilityBot will display the monthly statistics for the faults that met or exceeded the specified thresholds.
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Export for further processing

Most data in FacilityBot can be exported for further processing. Easily filter or search for the data in FacilityBot and export what you see to incorporate the data in your custom report.

Statistics, Audit Trails and KPIs are included in every plan

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