Managing your campus has never been easier with FacilityBot

Manage Multiple Locations Seamlessly

Whether yours is a sprawling campus with multiple buildings or contained within a single building, FacilityBot will work equally well. With flexible location tagging, multi-location support and easy configuration, FacilityBot is the ideal choice for campuses of all sizes.

Allow Staff and Students to Make Requests through Messaging Channels

FacilityBot's messaging-first with omnichannel supports means that staff and students can easily surface fault reports and requests through their preferred messaging channel. Easily involve the campus community and make campus upkeep a collaborative effort.

Manage Assets Centrally

Maintain a central asset register linked to fault reports, preventive maintenance checklists and expenditures. Know when each asset was last serviced simply by scanning the affixed QR code.

Automatically Generate Reports for Better Decision-Making

FacilityBot's powerful data analytics integration allows all maintenance data to be aggregated and presented in highly configurable charts, reports and dashboards for better decision making, including response times, asset health, preventive maintenance completion and expenditures.

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