Automated FAQ Response

Let FacilityBot handle FAQs automatically. Free up management and technicians to perform higher value activities.

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In-built Natural Language Processor

FacilityBot comes integrated with an Artificial-Intelligence powered Natural Language Processor. This allows FacilityBot to parse the intent of questions sent by users, and provide answers that had been configured via the FacilityBot web portal.
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Unlimited FAQs

There is no limit on the number of FAQs that can be populated. This means that you can leave FacilityBot to answer questions from building users such as opening hours, directions and much more !
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Respond with Images and Links

We understand that some chatbot responses require images, links or even links to other FAQs to continue the conversation. All these are easily configured in FacilityBot.
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Find out what building users want to know

FacilityBot will gather questions that it was not able to understand. In this way, Facilities Managers can quickly decide what new answers to FAQs should be configured. As more FAQ responses are provided, FacilityBot will be able to handle a greater portion of user queries automatically.

Unlimited FAQs can be created in every plan

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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