Digitize your cleaning operations with one single platform

Fault Reporting and Checklists

Handling fault reports from building users and digitizing regular cleaning checklists using FacilityBot is a breeze. Cleaners can respond using the FacilityBot mobile app and upload images when they complete tasks and checklists. Impress your clients with a new level of digital service, increase efficiency, maintain digital records, and produce reports with one easy-to-use single platform.

Attendance and Live Location

Use FacilityBot as your attendance system. Cleaners can check in and out daily at each site using their mobile app, generating an attendance record. FacilityBot can also provide live location information of the cleaners displayed on a map.

Sensor Integration

Keep ahead of the pack by deploying Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that augment your cleaning operations. FacilityBot integrates easily with cleaning robots, bin sensors, people counters, ammonia detectors and other sensors that can help boost your cleaners productivity.

Toilet Feedback

FacilityBot natively supports toilet feedback panels that allow users to give their feedback and highlight typical issues in Toilets. Easily deploy toilet feedback forms on any tablet or use QR codes, which when scanned, displays the form on the users' mobile phones.

Find out how FacilityBot can help you digitize and automate your cleaning operations

Digitize and Automate your field service operations with one single platform

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