Commercial Buildings

FacilityBot works great for offices of any type. Delight your office workers with a single messaging-first solution for fault reporting, service requests, visitor management and facilities booking

No Mobile App Downloads, No Sign Ups, No Logins

Office workers are busy people. Downloading a new mobile app just to request for Facilities Management services is too much of a hassle. FacilityBot allows everything to be done through messaging channels that they are already familiar with. What could be more seamless?

A Single Solution That Does So Much

FacilityBot not only manages all Facilities Management workflows, including technicians, cleaning and security, it can also help with service requests such as season parking and permit to work applications. That's not all, visitor management and facilities booking are also available out-of-the-box in one integrated solution.

Better Data Driven Decisions

Whether Asset replacement decisions, equipment expenditure decisions or facilities management manpower decisions, FacilityBot helps by gathering all required data and presenting them in charts and reports that are highly configurable to aid in your specific data analytics requirements.

Here to Make Maintaining High Grade Offices So Much Easier

We understand. Maintaining high grade office buildings requires paying attention to asset quality, minimizing facilities breakdown and most importantly, delighting building users. FacilityBot is here to help in all these areas, from recording response times and automatically gathering user sentiment to tracking asset issues and expenditures. With one single cloud-based solution, we aim to make the work of the commercial_building maintenance team so much easier.

Find out how FacilityBot can enhance building user satisfaction at your office building

Power your facility with Artificial Intelligence

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