Asset Management

FacilityBot is a cloud-based asset management software that allows easy tracking of asset information and real-time linking of assets to requests and checklists to track asset maintenance history.

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Easily import assets

Assets can be easily imported in bulk at initial set up. Once imported, FacilityBot can help track the maintenance history of the asset.
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Link fault reports and PM checklists

All requests, fault reports and preventive maintenance checklists can be readily linked to assets. Having been linked, the progress of the request ticket or preventive maintenance checklist can be easily viewed from the Asset perspective.
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Group assets

Assets can be grouped to show the maintenance history of a group of assets at a glance.
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Easily conduct asset checks

With FacilityBot, asset checks can be conducted on the move. Using the FacilityBot Mobile App, simply scan the QR code of the Asset ID and quickly view the maintenance history of the asset, including fault reports and preventive maintenance checklists.

Unlimited assets can be created with FacilityBot's Asset Management System

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