Property Portfolio

Managing multiple properties and looking for a solution that can aggregate data from all properties? No problem. FacilityBot's Portfolio feature helps you do just that

See data from all properties at a glance

We understand most facility managers do not only manage a single property. Even as FacilityBot works well for each individual property, centrally, there is a desire to aggregate all data for visualization, analysis and reporting. FacilityBot's Property Portfolio feature helps management do just that.

Easily link or unlink FacilityBot instances

FacilityBot's Property Portfolio feature allows you to easily link new FacilityBot instances and take away old instances. You can also choose to include or exclude data from selected instances, allowing easy comparison of performance across different properties.

The Property Portfolio feature is available for any client with more than 1 FacilityBot instance

Each Portfolio Admin account is available for USD 200 per month (paid annually in advance)

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