Digitize your landscaping operations with one single platform

Mobile Checklists and Service Reports

Using the FacilityBot Mobile App, your landscaping technicians can easily upload multiple images to checklists to provide evidence of their work. Service Reports can be automatically generated from checklists and emailed to customers.

Scheduling and Live Locations

Easily schedule the daily tasks of landscaping technicians through our cloud-based web platform. The technicians will see their daily schedules on the FacilityBot Mobile App. View their live locations at any time and reschedule on the fly.

Sensor Integration

Keep ahead of the pack by deploying Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that augment your landscaping operations. FacilityBot integrates easily with people counters, soil, temperature and other sensors.

Find out how FacilityBot can help you digitize and automate your landscaping operations

Digitize and Automate your field service operations with one single platform

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