Pest Control

Digitize your pest control operations with one single platform

Inspection Checklists

Easily create inspection checklists to support your pest control operations. Set the recurrence period for each checklist and an inspection calendar will be automatically produced. Complete checklists using the FacilityBot Mobile App and insert images as evidence on the move. Automatically generate and email service reports to your clients.

Attendance and Live Location

Use FacilityBot as your attendance system. Pest control technicians can check in and out at each site using their mobile app, generating an attendance record. FacilityBot can also provide live location information of the pest control technicians displayed on a map.

Sensor Integration

Keep ahead of the pack by deploying Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that augment your pest control operations. FacilityBot integrates easily with smart traps and other sensors that can help impress your customers and improve your operational efficiency.

Find out how FacilityBot can help you digitize and automate your pest control operations

Digitize and Automate your field service operations with one single platform

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